Hookshow #51 - Regza and Wii Review

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Running time 31:16

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Personal notes

Blog comment from Ascii Adam

  • New Levelator version
A Live recording with Ascii Adam
Topic 1: Review of Toshiba Regza 32in TV

Description and features:

  • Brilliant Blacks, Multiple input sources, Sound and Picture modes
Topic 2: Nintento Wii

Description and Basic features


Home Screen Tour

  • Current Game
  • Mii Channel
  • Photo Channel
  • Wii Shop Channel ( Wiiware, Virtual console)
  • Check Mii out
  • Everyone votes channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • "Classic" Games
  • Internet channel (Opera)

Additional Links /Comments not covered in Podcast recording

Games considering buying:

Wii Games

Virtual Console Games (100 wii points = $1

What could make the Wii Better?

There are a few things that would be nice to have on the wii.

More applications like the existing weather & news feed. Such as standalone YouTube (similar to appletv), standalone Flickr (similar to appletv) w/ ability to upload pictures to flickr, streaming stock charts, instant messanging (works with AIM, Gmail, Yahoo, & MSN), a Skype application and a app that plays podcasts & internet radio.

Ability to plug in an MP3 player and have the music play in the background.

Programmable alerts in the background (when a keyword is found in the news feed, when you get an email, when a new podcast or flickr picture is uploaded)

Ability to have videos play within the newsfeeds.

-just a few

Hack a Wii


Game Review

  • Wii sports, Ghost Squad

Final Reactions

DIGITAL DAN HOOKSHOW+DAN@GMAIL.COM The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral


    Anonymous said...

    Had 3 people over last night to play Wii.

    Played Wii Sports: Golf, lots of Bowling, & Baseball.

    Ghost Squad. The newbs killed a lot of hostages. After they left, found out how to play party game mods: Ninja & Recreation. In Ninja mode you have unlimited ninja stars to throw. Enemies are a mix of samari soldiers and other ninjas. In recreation mode, use a fish looking squirt gun and the enemies are bikini clad women.

    Showed people the game Cooking Mama. The others thought that the graphics and concept are lame. Dan I'll have to show you and you tell me what you think.

    Did not get to play Sonic & Mario.

    Only had 2 controllers. So at times it was awkward to have 5 people. During the sports games it was easy to set up a system of playing the winner.

    asciiadam said...

    Purchased ToeJam & Earl also Sonic Spinball tonight.

    The games reek of nostalgia.