HookShow #31 Deer Hunting

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Computer problems

Parenting Update
  • Daughter is a officially a toddler
  • Post Trick or Treating Update
Podcast MN Community
October Meetup at the Kitty Cat Club
We chatted about:
  • Expo experiences from Johnee and Garrick
  • Podcast discoveries (Berkeley University)
  • other misc podcasts , and experiences
Attended by: Johnee Bee from Mostly Trivial, Garrick Van Buren from the First Crack podcast, Brian from Twin West podcast, and Digital Dan from the Hook Show

November meetup
  • Wasn't able to attend
  • virtual meetup
Attended by: Garrick Van Buren from the First Crack podcast, Micheal from the Lolife podcast, Frosty from ITRadio, Tim from Winecast, Joel from the Klingon Word, and Digital Dan from the Hook Show

Upcoming December meetup
  • Christmas /Holiday party

Deer Hunting Basics

Clothing /Gear
  • Blaze Orange (its your own safety)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Rope for dragging
  • Rubber Gloves - Prevents blood disease
  • Compass/ GPS -Navigation in the Woods
  • Safety Harness for tree
  • Zip tie for License
  • Cell Phone

Big DNR tips
  • Stay away from roads
  • Stay away from Residential Areas
  • Use common sence
  • Take the time to be sure of your shot
  • Remember Firearms safety
    • Treat every firearm as loaded, know your zones of fire.
The Hunt
  • Family Private property -Its a family get together and tradition
  • Party Hunting
  • Time you can Hunt
  • Reasons for tracking
  • Good Kill shot, don't want to get an injury.
  • Sitting in a Stand - be patient
Kill Shot
  • Shoot for the Vitals (Heart, Lungs, etc)
  • Wait for about 20 minutes
Field Dressing
  • At the Kill site
  • Tag the deer with your license.
  • At camp
  • Costs may very depending on the cuts and weight of the animal
  • Proper tags must be visible
Venison Meat
  • Red meat, gamey flavor, iron rich, low fat, lower calorie
  • Usual cuts are Steaks, Chops, Stew meat, Roasts, etc...
  • Venison can be ground up to make Snack Sticks, Sausages.
Other Resources
Big Retailers with Good Hunting Gear
Cabelas , Dicks Sporting Goods , Bass Pro Shops


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral
Song Oh Juliet- Hunting the Canyon Below Our House


I played the Wii

Picture of the Wii Hardware from

At work today they had a demonstration unit of the Wii. During my lunch hour I tried it out.

The software that was in the system was Wii Sports. Apparently this software features a few different "party" games like Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing all in the same package

When I played it the boxing game was loaded. This game used two controller "pieces" that are connected together with a wire. These controllers are wireless I held a controller in each of my hands. I was playing is a versus mode of the game where the screen was split for each player view.

Playing the game: Each controller was represented by each hands movement. No buttons are needed for game play. Where as I had to physically move each hand and arm to have my character represent that movement.

Tips: Bring the controllers close together to block a punch. and lean to one side to Dodge a punch. You can make punches to the head area by "punching" higher in the air, where as a "punch" made in the mid area will get the gut on you opponent .
To make a roundhouse punch (a good powerful punch) ,instead of moving your arm straight out, swing your arm in an arcing motion to the side.

My final reaction, this will be a fun system. But your arms will get really tried after a lot of game play.



VOTE: Make your voice heard by the government.

With the Mid Term Elections coming up on 11/7/06, I will not have the time to create a podcast before then. I found a few important links and resources your should check out before Tuesday.

Knowledge is power, research the your potential candidates as much as you can. Voting is your voice to government. Make sure you are heard by voting on Tuesday.
Check out you local newspapers website for Candidate bios