Hookshow#62 -Laptop software & Discovering video

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Running time 20:10

Comment line 405-466-5746 or 405-HOOKSHOW

Production Notes:
Recorded in 03/2010 finally got around to editing the audio for the podcast. Some info may be outdated but still good info.

Used built in web cam mic again to record

Neighbor bought same laptop from my recommendation

Topic 1: Software for Laptop
Recommendations for software to make the most of machine

Office suite: OpenOffice
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Seamonkey
Media: iTunes, Songbird, Windows Media player , Vlc media player
Audio editing: Audacity, Levelator
Video editing: Windows movie maker, Handbrake – capture.
Antivirus: AVG
Image editor: Picasa, Gimp
Blackberry: BBSAK, BB desktop, theme studio, tether
Misc: Connectify
Webeditor: Seamonkey w/ composer, Notepad++

Topic 2: Discovering video
Video podcasts:Tekzilla, Hak5, Dr Floyd video,tech podcast network coverage of ces, chris pirillo, rocketboom tech, howcast tech, Ask a ninja, tikibar

Ascii Adam recommendation: know your meme , diggreel

Video production:
my first youtube clip


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral