Hookshow #51 - Regza and Wii Review

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Running time 31:16

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Personal notes

Blog comment from Ascii Adam

  • New Levelator version
A Live recording with Ascii Adam
Topic 1: Review of Toshiba Regza 32in TV

Description and features:

  • Brilliant Blacks, Multiple input sources, Sound and Picture modes
Topic 2: Nintento Wii

Description and Basic features


Home Screen Tour

  • Current Game
  • Mii Channel
  • Photo Channel
  • Wii Shop Channel ( Wiiware, Virtual console)
  • Check Mii out
  • Everyone votes channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • "Classic" Games
  • Internet channel (Opera)

Additional Links /Comments not covered in Podcast recording

Games considering buying:

Wii Games

Virtual Console Games (100 wii points = $1

What could make the Wii Better?

There are a few things that would be nice to have on the wii.

More applications like the existing weather & news feed. Such as standalone YouTube (similar to appletv), standalone Flickr (similar to appletv) w/ ability to upload pictures to flickr, streaming stock charts, instant messanging (works with AIM, Gmail, Yahoo, & MSN), a Skype application and a app that plays podcasts & internet radio.

Ability to plug in an MP3 player and have the music play in the background.

Programmable alerts in the background (when a keyword is found in the news feed, when you get an email, when a new podcast or flickr picture is uploaded)

Ability to have videos play within the newsfeeds.

-just a few

Hack a Wii


Game Review

  • Wii sports, Ghost Squad

Final Reactions

DIGITAL DAN HOOKSHOW+DAN@GMAIL.COM The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral