HOOKSHOW# 57 -Christmas Gadget Review 2008

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Feedback and Catchup
  • Ascii Adam feedback via txt.
  • Busy with life, personal stuff, and lack of inspiration for producing a podcast
  • Gadget update: motion sensing light in the kitchen

Given by my sister in law and ascii Adam to our family.  She wasn't using it to the full capabilities, thought that I could

Possible Hack or making the most of other devices:
  • Take a picture on the camera
  • Optimize picture on the computer. 
  • Upload picture to phone card in the My pictures folder
  • Txt the picture to Flickr and Facebook via email
  • Personal Flickr upload email address can be found on the upload page. 
Tip: Experiment with the ideal file size that can be texted by your phone.

Given to me by my wife, to be used at my new cube at work

1.Optimizing Pictures for the frame
The optimized picture format is 16x9 in horizontal without any black bars

  • Create a templates within an image editing software like Photoshop or GIMP (I used GIMP)
  • Create a New Image with the parameters
  •  16x9 for Horizontal and 8x9 for Vertical (50 dpi)
  • Save as Template 
  • Create a New Image using one of your frame templates
  • Open a picture using Open as Layer. 
  • Resize and tweek the image to within the new image parameters
  • Save As.. jpg file onto a compatible memory card

2. Leave an "If found" default message
Within the frame's minimal internal memory 
  • create/design a few pictures (slides) with the words 
  • "If Found please return to: (your name)" "Please email or call (leave # or email)"
  • At least one current picture of your self. 
  •  Transfer these images to the default directory within the frame
  • When the frame is turned on without a card your message will be displayed. 

3.Possible Hack: 
  • For cameras that use a non-compatible memory card and mounts as a Drive when connected to a computer
  • Connect the camera to frame via USB port
  • Copy the pictures to a compatible memory card using the file folders option

Given my Aunt Shelley to my daughter


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral