HookShow# 50- Christmas Gadget reviews

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Running Time 10:41
Message Line 206-350-2818

2 year Anniversary of the podcast
Job Update-A thanks to my friends on Twitter and Facebook

Topic 1: Review of Plantronics Audio 650 USB Headset:
  • Discription and Features
  • Interesting Discovery: Any microphone that has a 3.5mm plug can be used in the USB adapter

Topic 2: Review of Dynex 7in portable DVD player:

  • Discription & Features
  • Interesting Discovery: Picture files(.jpg) and movie file (.mpg) formats on the discs can be viewed.

Topic 3: Review How to Hack the Razr

  • All the Software, and Driver downloads you need
  • Good Video tutorials for novices,
  • Guides, Forums and misc tips
  • Helpful Tip: Backup filesystems before editing, in case you screw up.


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral


asciiadam said...

That Plantronics seems like a good headset. Sounds good at a reasonable price. Good choice. Podcast sounds noticeably better.

How is the baby coming along? Do you have your ultra sounds yet? Might want to put those on Flickr.

Anonymous said...

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