Hookshow 52 - Preparing for a new arrival

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Topic 1: Preparing at home
My wife is full term. A time where we need to be ready at a moments notice.
  • Preparing her room
  • Introducing sibling to the idea of a new family member

Topic 2: Preparing for the hospital
General Last minute tips on preparing for baby

Moms checklists -

(Dad's) My checklist

New babies checklist

My daughters checklist

Topic 3: Misc preparation/Resources

Parents Intimacy - Podcast on Pregnancy Sex
FREE/Recycled stuff for infants and children

Recommended reading:


Siblings-to-be: (find child age appropriate)-


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral


asciiadam said...

Good information about those swap websites.

Kristi informs me that the second child is usually 'early'. Keep us posted.

BTW, you still have the recording mentioning the message line.

DigitalDan said...

oops...I forgot to post a few links due to limited time.

General Last minute tips on preparing for baby

Parent Intimacy