HookShow #28 - PodcastMN and OneWebDay

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Personal Notes:
  • New Job
  • Starting potty training for our daughter.
  • Rewarding her with stickers
  • Low Tech Lynn's Birthday
  • Blockbuster online

Second Life Security compromise
  • need to reset your password
Ascii Adam Investing chat with him coming soon.

PodcastMN meetup
  • Johnee Bee, David Arnedale, one of his Students, a person from the Minneapolis chamber of commerce podcast (not sure?) and myself
  • Technical difficulties with the recording

One Web Day
How to Celebrate OneWebDay

The mission of OneWebDay is to create, maintain, advance, and promote a global day to celebrate online life: September 22

Contest- Looking for Best SummerTime Story


The music featured in this podcast:
Intro & Outro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral
music track: Screaming Mechanical Brain - Wundershozen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Next podcast you are going to see Digital Dan's reaction to the simplicity and accuracy of ASCII Adam's favorite indicators & money management techniques (that provided a theoretical 25% ROI 2 weeks ago.

Sorry, not all of A.A. secrets are going to be told. But, enough to have a significant edge on the 'buy and holders'.

Tried and true indicators from around the world : Candlesticks (japanese), Point & Figure (american), Fibonacci (italian).

I estimated that this will be a 3-part podcast. First a review of the basics (in front of a live market), then a status report of our paper trading -ending with a stock picking challange (teacher v. student), finally at a coffee shop where we review our best and worst trades (and what we learned) -the winner getting coffee paid for.

When all said and done, you will see how easy it is to trade and how literally anyone can trade for a living.