These are Ascii Adam's stock picks for the week. Go ahead, make a portfolio of this. Just remember to use the 3 point rule!


BTW, if you make money off these pics... please donate 10% of pre-tax earnings to the HookShow (via paypal). example: 3% ROI on $10,000 = $300, 10% of that would be $30




asciiadam said...

Welcome MadMoneyMachine listeners;

As of Monday, Sept. 11

FNET 28.57% up
NHRX 11.46% up
EGP .06% up

VCO 1.26% down

I am not too worried about EGP and VCO. Both of those equities rate a 67% Buy Long Term on TradingDay. On the Short Term however, I am concerned about the EastGroup Properties' bearish divergence on RSI. But, then I look at the tremendous VOL (600k v. 200k) support levels and I think that it is a 'wash'. I rarely shrug off volume. VCO on the other hand, looks like a "pump 'n dump" stock. It too has a substantial volume, if you were to look at VCO's chart you would find that the share holders would 'pump' thier stock around or at the 20MA, for which is it's current levels. I say, wait this one out. Keeping in mind that if it doesn't move in the next 3 'points' you might have to take the loss and move on.

FNET looks like it had a difficult time getting above the 50MA today. Stoch and MACD show that the stock has still got room to grow. But, at over 28% growth and breaking through the BOL Bands, you can just expect to get a bullish pullback. My advice would be to wait and see if there is still 1,000,000 VOL today (the 12th) and it breaks 10.26 -just don't get too greedy.

If NHRX breaks price 2.19, which personally I think it will, then you should hold until it hits the top of the BOL Band around 2.42 ... however, depending on your 'intestinal fortitude', you might just want to sell at yesterday's high and call it a good day. -Might not be a bad idea, it is due for a bearish pullback as well.

And remember the HookShow would appreciate donations from those who make profits from our stock picks.

asciiadam said...

As of Tuesday, Sept. 12

FNET 59.29% (total 87.86%)
NHRX 1.40% (total 12.86%)
EGP .68% (total 0.74 %)
VCO 1.06% (total -.2 %)
If VCO does not turn a return by tomorrow close, SELL.

Median Return 25.315%

Even I am impressed by my picks. Congradulations to those who purchased this portfolio when I recommended it.

asciiadam said...

As you probably know already, we ended the week at an average of 9.69% ROI. Not too shabby. Personally, I would have sold FNET once it got to over 70% ROI for the week, anticipating a pretty aggressive pullback. "...pigs get slaughtered."

Also, I would have sold NHRX earlier as well. Tuesday's close indicators showed that it was about to plunge on Wednesday. Notice the hanging man.

Those two moves would have doubled your return for the week to over 20% ROI (dispersed evenly among the 4 stocks).

So, do I have what it takes to top last week? To get over 9.69% ROI (from when mentioned)?

Actually, last week was extraordinary. It would be absurd for anyone to think that they could repeat 20% ROI every week for an entire year. $1,000 turns into (if my math serves me right) over $13,000,000 in a year

I am not going to do a separate Blog entry for the week of 18th - 22nd. Because frankly, I don't think my picks are that good this week.

You can disregard my picks this week if you want to. However, if you do decide to expose money this week, don't get your picks
here. "fell substantially this past week and may bounce. (Note: possible only a very short bounce)." Never invest on the hope of a "short bounce". And advising people to consider the purchase of stock on the day of earnings reports?! Not cool.

By all means, check my performance. If you don't like my diversification or captialization... e-mail me. I'd like to hear from my readers.