Hookshow#41- Fireworks and Summer Camp

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Running Time 13:31

Fourth of July

  • Parade, Fireworks, Carnival

Topic 1: History of Fireworks

As we were watching the fireworks, my wife and I discussed what we thought the reason fireworks became a tradition for celebrating the Fourth of July

Topic 2: Family Camp at Camp Lebanon

  • a christian summer camp, open over 60 years
  • theme of the weekend "Raising kids Gods way"
  • Stayed in a cabin

Large facilities including trails, playground, volleyball court, basketball court, game room, etc..


  • Several boats for fishing, tubing, canoeing , paddle boating and sailing
  • my sailing experience with my wife
  • the sail boat rescue

Swimming area

  • A few slides, the inflateable "SAturn" and a floating dock
  • comments about my daughter's swimming

The health scare coming home

How has parenting changed in the year 2007?
(blogs, podcasts, communities, gadgets, toys)


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral

1 comment:

asciiadam said...

A little short. 20 - 30 minutes I think is ideal.

Would like to hear more music being played or even a reoccurring piece.

For example, a piece about what is wrong with America? Or reviewing movies before you see them then watching and a review afterwards. Or some new music you like. Just suggestions.

Overall it is nice to hear updates on how you are doing.