HookShow #42- How Has Parenting changed in the year 2007?

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Running time 13:25

Topic 1: Keys to raising kids Gods way from Family Camp
1. Be Consistent
2. Be a Parent First and a Friend second
3. Build up you child/ spouse
4. Allow them to go thru Tough times
5. Make it exciting to be a Christian

Topic 2: How has parenting changed in 2007?
An open letter to Toddlers

I asked the question to a few communities I am a part of, these are a few of the responses:

AJ from Bald Guy Show
Ascii Adam

Garrick Van Buren
Micheal Koppelman
Dean Jensen form SoHo podcast & Handbell Podcast

Ken from GameZoneRadio
Dale from Tech talk for Families

My Recommendations
Podcasts: Jumping Monkeys, Daddy Panel
Blogs: Parent Hack
Gadgets: Camera Phones and Flickr, Photos on ipods


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral

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