Hookshow #38- Being Green2 and Podcasts Recommendations

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Experiencing some terrible twos

Topic 1:Podcast Recommendations
5 Podcast recommendations for my Mom from podcasts that I listen to (work safe/ family friendly) that she might like.

Please send me 5 podcasts that you listen to that you would recommend to her.

Topic2: Being Green part 2
Ascii Adam's comments

Green Expo in Minneapolis

Gas Prices

Cleaning Chemicals (brought to my attention from my mom)

Memorial Day weekend


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral

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asciiadam said...

For a similar, more intensive rant on Baby Boomers; check out this post.

ASCII Adam recommends these podcasts:

Mad Money Machine
TFNN -The Tom O'Brien Show
Online Trading Academy -Vince Rowe
Vanguard:Plain Talk on Investing
Make Magazine

MMM is very good. I have not listened to a more interesting and fun podcast.