Hookshow # 37 -Earthday and Birthday

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I really tried to producing a good show. I did a lot of research, made a lot of edits and worked on the sound quality. Enjoy!

A special intro by Low Tech Lynn

Topic 1:Earth day
A conversation with Low Tech Lynn, We discussed:

What are we doing NOW to live Green?
Is it better to buy organic foods or to buy from a local farmers market?
  • Off season foods
  • Pesticides
  • Farmers traveling to different markets
  • Knowing the farmer you buy from
  • Growing your own garden
Do you leave lights on when they don't need to be?
  • Open the blinds and turning the lights off
  • Motion detecting lighting fixture
What can be do to save the earth with our electricity?
"Coal (burning) emits all, but six of the elements in the periodic table including uranium!"
Other things that can be done

Topic 2: Gwen's 2nd Birthday
  • Gwen's interruption (she wanted a balloon)
  • Parents birthday chat
  • Daddy's chat with Gwen (her favorite is Dora and Elmo)


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral


asciiadam said...

Excess and waste are the engine that fuels Capitalism.

Efficiency of production function and finished goods will create a scarce economy.

Imagine if all the (lazy, ignorant) Baby Boomers were forced to go into retirement because thier progeny could do thier job 100x more effectively. Imagine if the younger generation decided to stop voting for the wasteful bureaucrats that just want to appeal to thier completely irresponsible, high consumption generation. Joe 60-year feels that as long as everyone buys American our economy can servive regardless how efficient the vehicles are or how expensive they are. As a nation with high entitlement do we desire to unneccessarily become in debt to each other?

We should emphasize competition and utility, this is what free market is, this is what America should be.

asciiadam said...

As a rule of thumb, anything that costs you less will save the environment more.