Hookshow #58 -Considering and Transitioning to a Smartphone

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Running time: 17:14 mins

Topic 1: Considering Smartphones
I red a few reviews on each phone: Cnet review of G1 , Cnet review of BB 8320 , etc...

Looking for: good web experience, good MP3 player experience, Smart phone organizer. Free App and Game expandability, better camera experience, Qwerty keyboard for easier messaging

Pros and Cons

1) HTC G1
- First generation device
+ touch screen and qwerty keyboard
- always connected to data, hard to use if data stops
- non standard plug for headsets

+ Android developers creating new functionality, all free. (except a few paid apps.)
+Android community and forums
+ multi tasking OS
+ wifi connectivity-difficult to use one handed
- $179.99 out of pocket for device

2)Blackberry 8320

+ multi generation device
+ qwerty keyboard
+ standard headphone jack
+ mini usb data and charger connection
+ doesn't need data connection for good experience
- no touch screen, need to figure out trackball (learning curve)
+ multi tasking OS
+ a lot of apps and games , most paid but free ones can be found.
+ wifi connectivity
+ can be used one handed
+ Blackberry community and forums
+ deal, device free plus 150 per device in rebates

Topic 2: Transitioning to a new carrier

Topic 3: a Syncing Contacts/ Calendar

Capture It - screen capture app


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral

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