HOOKSHOW #47- SMS and the web

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Topic 1: SMS and the web

Google Search: TXT 466453 (GOOGLE)
Commands examples:
  • General information 'help'
  • Local: 'blockbuster sf'
  • Weather: 'w nyc'
  • Movies: 'm 94114'
  • Flights: 'ua 14'
  • Sports: 'ny jets'
  • Stocks: 'goog'
  • Define: 'd clew'
  • Froogle: 'f ipod'
  • Calculator: '127*56'
  • Personalized SMS queries: 'set location'+city & state,or zip

Google Calendar: TXT 48368 (GVENT)
(need to link with your profile)
Commands examples:
  • Next event: 'next'
  • Today's events: 'day'
  • Tomorrow's events: 'nday'
  • or text a new event to add it via quick add.
  • To Cancel: 'stop'

4info: TXT 44636 (4INFO)
Commands examples:
  • General information: 'help'
  • SPORTS: 'cubs' 'mlb' PLAYER STATS 'lebron james' 'partiots qb'
  • WEATHER: w+ zip,city,area code, airpot code 'w 33124''w boston''w 651''w sfo' BY DAY 'w'+ day(tomorrow,friday) +zip,city,areacode,airport 'w tomorrow 651'
  • 411: 'pizza 10016' 'best buy miami fl'
  • STOCKS: 'ibm' FUND 'qqqq' INDEX 'dji'
  • YELLOW PAGES and Driving directions: business type +zip,city 'pizza 94110' business name+city,zip,area code,airport code 'locksmith 651'
  • All search categories:'MENU'
  • Other search categories:
  • flight status,movies,wifi hotspots,news,horoscopes,drinks,jokes,pickup lines,price compare, package tracking,tv guide, hotel reservations, city search, celebrity gossip
  • To get detailed help, text HELP and category: 'HELP SPORTS'
  • To Cancel: 'stop'

Facebook:TXT 32665 (FBOOK)
(need to link with your profile)
Commands examples:
  • Update status:'@ out at john's party'
  • Get profile info:'john smith'
  • Get cell:'cell john smith'
  • Message:'msg john smith whats up?'
  • Poke:'poke john smith'
  • Fire:'fire john smith'
  • Wall post:'wall john smith happy bday'
  • Add a friend:'add john smith'
  • Write a note:'note this is a mobile note'

Twitter: TXT 40404
(need to link with your profile)
Commands examples:
  • To your stream: type your message
  • Track a subject: 'track'+ subject
  • Turns off tracking for that subject: 'untrack'+ subject
  • Shows all of you current tracks: 'stats' or 'track' alone
  • Turns off all tracking: 'track off'
  • User information: 'whois username'

Jaiku: TXT ?
(need to link with your profile)
Command examples:
  • General information: 'help'
  • To your stream: type your message
  • To a channel: #channel then your message '#jaikufans Hello everyone'
  • Activates updates: 'start'
  • Stops updates:' stop'

Paypal: TXT 729725 (PAYPAL)
(need to link with your profile)
Command examples:
  • General information: 'help'
  • Send money: 'send'
  • Request money: 'request'
  • Buy things: 'buy'
  • Donate: 'give'
  • Cancel transaction: 'stop'

More txting services:
Txting widgets for websites

What alternative uses for SMS do you use on your phone? (ie. Google, Paypal, Twitter)
With responses from: Jason McLaughlin, AJ J, Dean Jensen, Joel Peter Anderson, Ascii Adam


The music featured in this podcast: Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral

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