Happy Valentines Day

Just about everyone has their own experiences/traditions for Valentines day. From going out to a nice meal to receiving flowers & candy. This is how they day went for my family.

My daughter was really excited about Valentines day this year. This being the first year she started getting in to things like this being she is almost two.

Her daycare is making a big deal about it. They wanted all the kids to get dressed is red and pink. The teachers of the daycare stated that they were going to have a party all day. The whole place is covered in red hearts and other fun Valentines decor. Sounds like a fun time for all of the kids.

We found some cute little "Strawberry Shortcake" Valentines that will be given out to her classmates/ friends in daycare. She put her personal touch on each card by placing every sticker on by hand. It was hard for her to give them up since stickers are her favorite.

I cant wait to hear about all of the fun she had and see what other cute Valentines were given out.

For my Wife and myself, We have no major plans or extra funds. We will try to spend some quality time with each other tonight.

Happy Valentines. Make sure to show your significant other how much you LOVE them.

For information on the origins of Valentines Day. Check out:


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asciiadam said...

I got those same ice cubes in the freezer right now.