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100 blogshares of the Hook Show to the first 10 people who e-mail ASCII Adam with what investment advice they would like to hear about in the next podcast.

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asciiadam said...

...some suggestions: 401k & other Funds, Precious Metals/Bullion, Currencies, Individual Publicly Traded Equities (Stocks), Tax Lien Certificates, Buying/Selling eBay, Real Estate, Annuities, Private Equity, Commodities & Futures (Options), 'Penny Stocks', Bonds, Antiquities, Network Marketing..

You name it. Either a comment or a question.

Comments will have an agree or disagree (based on what I know). But, I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Questions could be as simple as, "Why are gas prices high? How can I get a piece of the action?" And I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Either way, you will either find affirmation of what you think or reason to debate.